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The nursery and garden center at Lewis True Value Mercantile has a wide range of flowers, plants, and herbs for your home garden. We also carry a wide range of garden ornaments and materials to help enhance the beauty of your garden. Swing by today and see our ever-changing selection.

Manager’s Specials
To learn more about our bi-weekly deals and discounts in the Garden center, come into the store or check out our Facebook Page. We will have select items on sale between 20% and 50% off between April and the beginning of July.



Perennials are a great addition to any garden, as they will continue to re-grow every year. Speak to an employee in Lewis True Value Mercantile’s nursery for tips on which perennials are ideal for Bayfield, CO’s climate, and for tips on planting these correctly so they re-bloom every year.



Annuals are a great addition to any flower garden because they are bright and often bloom all season long. Unlike perennials, however, they do need to be replanted every year. Annuals do tend to be less expensive than perennials. Speak to an employee in our nursery to pick out the ideal annuals for your garden.


Hanging Baskets

Hanging Baskets are a great way to enhance the beauty of your home, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Our nursery has a wide variety of hanging baskets to fit your home’s style.


Flowering Shrubs

Flowering shrubs are a great way to easily beautify any home. These shrubs are low maintenance, easy growing, and perennial. Come by the nursery to view our selection, for growing tips, and gardening ideas.


Rose Bushes

Lewis True Value Mercantile in Bayfield, CO has a great variety of rose bushes. We have the class red rose to shamrock varieties of rose bushes. These flowers are easy to grow in your garden as well. For tips, visit our nursery.



Vines are a great way to add diversity and height to your landscape. These come in many varieties, including foliage-focused, flowering, perennial, annual, grown from seed, or seedlings. This is a great way to add a beautiful backdrop to garden beds, cover unsightly features of your home, or help provide pleasant fragrances in and around your home. These are more difficult to grow, so we suggest visting the Better Homes and Gardens for growing tips on growing the different varieties of vines, and which ones are ideal for the climate in Bayfield, CO.



Does your yard need new grass laid down? Our employees in the nursery can help direct you to the best grasses for our climate.


Shade Trees

Shade trees are a great way to add some relief from the hot summer sun on your property. They are also a great way to add some extra privacy for your home. Come by our nursery to view our selection of shade trees.



Colorado is the ideal climate for growing conifer trees. These are a great addition to any home. They are easy to plant, and provide years of beauty and extra privacy.



For those with a green thumb and a penchant for growing, we offer a wide range of vegetables. Swing by our nursery today to pick yours up, and start enjoying fresh vegetables in your garden.



Treat your sweeter side by adding some fruit to your garden. We have a great selection of fruit vines, fruit trees, and shrubs in our nursery. Swing by today to satisfy your sweet tooth!



Spice up your dishes and awe dinner guests by adding your homegrown herbs. Herbs, like flowers, can either be perennial or annual. A common annual herb is basil, for example. For more information on the different types of herbs, and for tips on growing them, visit the nursery at Lewis True Value Mercantile in Bayfield, CO.

Garden Ornaments Lewis True Value Mercantile

Garden Ornaments

Garden ornaments are a great way to add additional flare and beauty to your garden. We have a great selection of shepherd hooks, kinetic spinners, wind chimes, balancers, wall art, fountains, statues, birdbaths, pottery, yard stakes, and more. Come by our garden center to find a style that fits your tastes.


Garden Apparel and Tools

Our garden center has all the appropriate gardening tools and apparel. Using the right tools can help with the ease and efficiency when you’re planting your garden; and wearing the right gardening apparel is important to help protect you from the natural elements, such as the sun. Come by the garden center today to view our selection.