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Lewis Mercantile is your one-stop destination carrying a full line of building materials. We are the last locally owned and operated building materials dealer in La Plata County. For the last century, in one form or another, Lewis Mercantile has been servicing the building material needs for retail, contractor and commercial customers. We offer delivery of quality materials at a fair price.

Lewis Mercantile offers many window choices for any size budget. Our staff has been supplying windows for over three decades. We offer all-wood windows and doors, and an affordable line of aluminum clad windows and patio doors. All of our window lines are supported by our own in-house service professionals.

The Raynor Garage door company has partnered with Lewis Mercantile to bring the Four Corners region the highest quality garage doors in the area. We offer installation and after construction services second to none. The demand for energy efficient products is what drives our manufacturing partnerships and Raynor leads the industry in those innovations.

When it comes to spectacular kitchens, the cabinetry will no doubt be judged by its appearance. But a great product not only looks good, under the surface it functions just as elegantly.


We stock a full line of Roseburg engineered lumber products. Our framing lumber is of the highest quality and stored in our indoor lumber yard. When you get our lumber, it has been protected from the sun and the weather.


Exterior sidings and trims are offered prefinished. Your roofing needs can also be serviced, as we supply Metal Sales steel roofing cut to length and safely delivered.


We also sell trusses, structural components to support the weight of roof timbers and coverings.

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The products and services listed above are only a few of the benefits that Lewis Mercantile can offer. Our real strength is our employee commitment to service and customer satisfaction. Give us a call or send us an email for any questions or building needs that you may have.